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Jun. 3rd, 2008

I'm not dead. Working on Port. Here is some progress!


III. is a Sacred Number

True to form last week ended with the legendary third thing that finishes that particular sequence of bad luck. My father got laid off from his job. The company hasn't been winning any bids for jobs so they had no where to send him. (For those of you who are counting, the second calamity is the fact that two of my wisdom teeth are coming in on the same side of my mouth and it's been really painful to do ordinary things like eat...drink carbonated beverages...yawn. All the fun stuff) So now I'm rather nervous because this is something that was considered unrealistic. My father has always had a job and it was never considered otherwise. Now with this thrown in with the car (which they are finally going to estimate today), I don't know what to do. I feel like I am in a kind of limbo. I'm not sure how to help the situation.

I just wish that sometimes people were easier to talk to. That might make this all the less isolating and troublesome.
Today was my first day of class at the school. My online Aesthetics class started Monday. Yesterday I hydro-planed on a sharp curved and was thrown into a guard rail. My truck will be out of commission for a while. I am really sad about that. So in the meantime I'm driving a ugly 2008 electric blue Jeep Patriot. It's nice inside and all that but the outside is nothing to marvel at. Yet, despite my distaste for it, I somehow am falling in love with it. And the creepiest thing is that I think the car knows it.

I'm not dead

Just a brief updating:

Finals are done (or rather were done last Thursday). I'm not sure how well I did this quarter since I has a few problems (not just school related) that became an inhibitor on the whole learning process. I am looking into several options for fixing said problems since they have become an annoyance and it seems that I can't quite do it by myself. I don't think I did terrible, but it's just not what I'm sure I could have done. Next quarter should be a little better. I think I'm just getting nervous since I graduate in December. Birthday was alright. I often miss the feelings that were inspired by birthdays when we are children. Everyone went all out and did the whole shebang. It was great. Chaz and I did go out to lunch at a the Tokyo Mandarin restaurant and I finally got to try some Japanese food. I got Chicken Udon without realizing how large the servings are. It was delicious though. And more recently, HAPPY EASTER!

Now on the the important stuff:


2. I found a new obsession: Yahtzee Reviews:


4.New license!



peace <3

No Blood for Imulsion

So Gears of War launches tomorrow for the PC. With 5 new mission chapters and new online play mode... Now ask....Where will you be?

crappy update

Just got home from the movies...Saw 4, of course. I had to say it was rather good. A few questions that need to be answered, but I'm sure that is where Saw 5 will come in. I wonder if that will be too much though. I really enjoyed the story line aspect of this movie, which I have to say, when placed against the others, was the dominant factor. Now, don't get me wrong, the other movies had a story, but this one was a little more involved and "smart", one could say. Rather than focusing on the gore (and there was gore), there was more of a narrative angle which I found very refreshing. It added some...merit I suppose to the whole franchise. They are headed back into a story direction, much like the first one. All in all, it wasn't too bad.

But I do have to say, there was something that bothered me while I was watching the previews. I saw a trailer for a new Jessica Alba movie called "The Eye". Now I saw "The Eye" a few years ago. How is this possible? You guessed it, the Jessica Alba "Eye" is an American remake of an Asian Horror film, much in the tradition of "Dark Water" and "The Grudge". This bothered me because I really enjoyed "The Eye" (the ending made me cry). It just seems rather odd that people say Americans aren't cultured like other countries...well don't remake a movie simply for American audiences, go watch the original. But most people don't like to read or are intimidated by watching a movie in a foreign language. I don't know...it just irked me for some reason. Anyway...I recommend checking out "The Eye".


I chainsaw'd my boyfriend...

...in Gears that is. He wasn't too happy about it, but I was pretty happy with myself. Usually I'm the one getting destroyed. But it's all in good fun. I've been rather lucky to have access to the 360 over the past week. I managed to start and finish Bioshock. Awesome game! I'm not one for FPS but I really loved this one, and I recommend it highly. There were some genuinely scary moments and the visuals and character designs were great. I managed to unlock the Little Sister Savior...after the Halo 3 craze is over and I get the box again, I might run through it a second time and harvest the little girls instead.


I go back to school the first of October. I was really excited about that school in Florida and I must admit my disposition has fallen lately since it didn't work out. I suppose I will just have to bear down and find another way to fix the problem. Another solution is out there somewhere. And I can't help but thinking that maybe I was trying to run away again. I really hope that isn't the case but...only time will tell.

Things have been really hinky with my parents the past few days and my dad talked about going to a lawyer on Friday. Again, only time will tell with that one as well. I'm not sure how to feel about that. It's been coming for many years now. So is it for the best? We'll see.
So I finally got my computer up and running again after spending a lot of money I didn't have. It's been a while since I've been on here because for some reason my other computer (which magically is able to run on 9 gigs of memory) didn't like Livejournal and would crash whenever I would try to upload it. Ah well. Things are really hectic right now since Otakon is this weekend. So hopefully I'll be able to update more soon.


Went to the midnight showing a Spiderman 3 on Thursday/Friday. I have to admit it had some hokey moments, and it seemed rather long, but I believe it was worth the watch. Venom was wonderfully done, in my opinion, and although I'm not too sure about Eddie (Edward Brock Jr., sir), he wasn't annoyingly bad to the point of me noticing. I suppose I can say, despite his size (my boyfriend thought maybe Franco, given his size in the movie should have played Venom) Topher did rather well. The one thing I noticed is that there was a lot of crying in that movie. It was very emo, and I'm not just talking about Peter's new hair.

I finally managed to take another day from work so I'm now only working two days. Hopefully that will help balance out the time at school and also the homework that's been coming along. It's been hard getting things in on time. I'm hoping now I'll be able to finishings and have time to experiment and start over if needs be.

On a minor note, I think my ferret Fuu has gone insane. And the little one, Suki, is still having some trouble fighting off the larger, other two ferrets. I'm still keeping them separate, but running them has been rather hard. Ah well.